Our Church Building  Christ's United Lutheran Church
13765 Old Turnpike Road
Millmont PA  17845
(570) 922-1860
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Office Hours: Monday - Thursday ~ 9:00am - 2:30pm
Friday ~ Closed                 

Our Staff

Pastor - The Reverend John D Yost - Email Pastor John
Ministers - The Members of the Congregation
Secretary / Assistant Treasurer - Margie Dunkle - Email Margie
Chancel Choir Director - Paula Christy - Email Paula
Organists - Gary Hackenberg - Email Gary
Pianists - Diane Valentine - Email Diane
               Karen Zimmerman - Email Karen
Digital Music Arrangers - Dave Swartz - Email Dave
                                     Barry Spangler - Email Barry
Treasurer -  Dianne Shuck - Email Dianne
Financial Recording Secretary - Cliff valentine - Email Cliff
Assistant Treasurers - Janet Hackenberg - Email Janet
Editor - Margie Dunkle - Email Margie
Custodian - Tom Catherman - Email Tom

Church Council

meets the third Tuesday in Jan., Feb., March, April, May, June, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. & Dec.

Drew Christy - Vice President - Email Drew
Marice Clouser - Email Maurice
Joe Dressler - Email Joe
Doug Gemberling - Email Doug
Pearl Gemberling - Email Pearl
Eugene Hassinger - No Email
Dianne Shuck - Treasurer - Email Dianne
Greg Shuck - President - Email Greg
Linda Smith - Secretary - No Email
Barry Spangler - Recording Secretary - Email Barry

Parish Council Representatives

Drew Christie
Dianne Shuck
Greg Shuck

Ministry Assignments

Facilities - deals with property, personnel and stewardship

Maurice Clouser
Joe Dressler
Eugene Hassinger

Inreach - focus on ministry within the congregation

Drew Christy
Dianne Shuck
Greg Shuck

Outreach - related to ministry beyond the congregation

Doug Gemberling
Pearl Gemberling
Linda Smith